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Advanced Laser Level Ruler - By DiysVille™

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High-Precision Laser Accuracy: Engineered with a precision of ±0.5°, the Laser Level Angle Meter ensures spot-on measurements for your projects, guaranteeing exceptional results every time.


🎥 Ultra-Wide Double-Sided LED Screen: Immerse yourself in crystal-clear visuals with the ultra-wide double-sided LED color screen. Real-time data display and touch-responsive interface streamline your measurements for rapid, precise outcomes.

👍 Portable & Lightweight: Weighing a mere 95g, this slim 20mm tool fits comfortably in your hand. Its lightweight design and ergonomic build make it your ideal on-the-go companion for any measurement task.

🔋 Long Battery Life, Quick Charge: The built-in 730mAh rechargeable lithium battery offers extended usage. Charge swiftly via the Type C port, ensuring uninterrupted power for your projects. No more worries about running out of battery mid-task.

📐 Absolute & Relative Measurements: Whether you need absolute or relative angles, this tool adapts. Versatile working modes cater to various project needs, enhancing your productivity and simplifying complex tasks.

Durable & Safe: With Laser grade II and IP54 protection, this tool handles challenging conditions. Built for indoor and outdoor use, it ensures reliability in diverse environments, giving you confidence in your measurements.


  • Laser Angle Projector × 1
  • Type C Charging Cable × 1


  1. Avoid Direct Exposure: Prevent direct exposure to the laser beam for your safety.
  2. Keep Away from Children: Ensure the device is kept out of reach of children.
  3. Maintenance Tips: Regularly clean using a soft cloth with cleaning water or neutral screen cleaner. Avoid harsh chemicals or solvents.
How do I set up the TIMBERLOCK™ correctly?

A1: To set up the TIMBERLOCK™ correctly, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure the TIMBERLOCK™ is securely attached to your woodworking tool.
  2. Adjust the depth of the TIMBERLOCK™ based on your project requirements.
  3. Securely tighten the tool's components to avoid any play or movement during operation.
  4. Refer to the user manual for specific setup instructions.
Can I use the TIMBERLOCK™ on different types of wood?

Yes, the TIMBERLOCK™ is designed to be versatile and can be used on various types of wood. However, it's advisable to adjust the tool settings based on the hardness and density of the specific wood you are working with for optimal results.

How do I prevent tear-out when using the TIMBERLOCK™?

To prevent tear-out, ensure that the TIMBERLOCK™ is properly set up with the appropriate cutting depth. Additionally, consider using a backing board to support the wood fibers and minimize tear-out, especially when working with softer woods.

How do I maintain the TIMBERLOCK™ to prolong its life?

Regular maintenance is essential. Clean the TIMBERLOCK™ after each use to remove sawdust and debris. Lubricate moving parts according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Check for any signs of wear on the cutting edges and replace or sharpen them as needed.

Can the TIMBERLOCK™ be used to create joints at angles other than 90 degrees?

The ability to create joints at angles other than 90 degrees depends on the specific design of the TIMBERLOCK™. Check the user manual or product specifications to determine if it supports angled joints. Some models may come with features or accessories for this purpose.

Does the TIMBERLOCK™ come with a warranty?

Absolutely! Whether you're a professional tradesperson, a DIY enthusiast, or just need a tool bag for your car, boat, or motorcycle, this organizer has you covered. It's suitable for repairs, emergencies, and everyday tool organization.